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Lake Fishing Guidelines

When a fish feels the hook, it struggles to get free. This might involve jumping, creating a long run, swimming back from the line or swimming around obstacles. Each species of fish fights differently.

We go to bed the night before a visit eagerly anticipating the coming morning. We've prepared and arranged our gear. We've carefully selected our lures, put new line on our reels, assembled our rigs and checked our maps!

A downrigger can also get a depth indicator onto it. lake fishing Some models are manual and also have their depth meter turn while you manually let out or generate the line. Other downrigger models are automatic and can let steel line out to the depth you indicate. Spring/Early Morning: Fish aren't biting. The water is cold and doesn't heat up because the sun is low and the rays bounce from the water. But don't go back home yet, because winter is over and fish are hungry and spawning. Best to wait until a week approximately after thaw, as spring turnover takes time for the water temperature to even out to 39. 2 degrees! Now, it's just a matter of picking your locations and making logical choices on fishing spots. That means you will be moving during the day! That means you will need to keep track of time and distance to be able to be in the right spot at the right time. Locate the ideal place to fish. Some fish are only found in certain waters and at different part of the day and year. Be familiar with the fishing schedule from the type of fish you seek. When you locate the right waters and time make sure to fish around rocks or under over-head trees. Fish tend to stay or group themselves within the shade.

Its very important when fishing to know the good baits for fresh water fishing. And even though you think your friends using the guys at the fishing pond or lake they may not tell you the right bait or the proper way to catch that big rainbow trout or huge catfish! To catch fish consistently, know how they relate to their underwater habitat.

While your smoking your cigarette stay as a long way away from your fishing gear as possible. If your messing with or around your gear then that smell gets in your fishing line as well as your hooks and lures which smell sends the fish as a long way away as possible.

Professionals sometimes flatten the barbs on their own hooks before they start fishing to cause less injury to the fish they catch. In some areas you can only fish with barbless hooks.

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